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Why some URLs in the received email are not converted into clickable links
LiveAgent checks if the received email was sent as plain text or as an HTML emai... more
The "View" button availability for attachments in tickets
Sometimes attachments in tickets offer both options (buttons) to download and vi... more
New Facebook messaging policy for Facebook business pages is limiting time to reply
Since March 2020 Facebook implemented a new messaging policy for Facebook busine... more
Facebook integration error - the user is enrolled in a blocking, logged-in checkpoint
if your Facebook integration in LiveAgent is broken and you see the following er... more
Files not available after moving installation to different server
If you are using Amazon AWS S3 file archive plugin, the file contents are stored... more
Unable to connect Yahoo! mail account
If you searched for this article, most likely you've got the following error mes... more
Chat button is not visible in Thrivecart
If you're using Thrivecart and inserting LiveAgent button integration code as tr... more
Error: No supported authentication methods found
If you experience an error message like "No supported authentication methods" fo... more
Can't add all my Facebook pages even though I am the admin
If during adding Facebook pages to LiveAgent you can't see all the pages where y... more
Allow Flash for Reports in Chrome
Those, who are using Chrome as their preferred browser might have trouble loadin... more
Srcoller hiding content of website in Microsoft Internet Exprorer 11 and Edge
New featurered item of Internet Explorer 11 and Edge has been release in past fe... more
Replies sent from LiveAgent on eBay notification emails aren't received by the end user
A few customers brought to our attention that when you receive an email from eBa... more
In-page contact form is not displayed
Are you planning to create a nice site, where you are going to use collapsing fo... more
File upload error without a definition
We discovered an issue with jsonview plugin which some of our customers have run... more
How to check MySQL / InnoDB version of your server
Since LiveAgent version the required version of your InnoDB database e... more
Twilio client only with HTTPS
From the beginning of december 2015 Twilio will only work via HTTPS. You will n... more
ERROR: The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes during update to 4.25.12
In version 4.25.12 (released version we added FULLTEXT indexes to som... more
Cron job is set up, but it is not executed
When cron job is set up but not executing, and you have no idea why, create some... more
When Suhosin extension is loaded, system temporary directory needs to be available
First of all, create a temporary folder with all permissions (777) on your serve... more
Why does online/offline button not appear, nevertheless agent is online/offline?
In case of online button (https://www.liveagent.com/features/real-time-chat/) we... more
Error during socket connect: Connection timed out
This error occurs when your server is blocking connections on some port. Please... more
The chat button is still offline even I am logged in
If you have problems with your chat button (https://www.liveagent.com/features/r... more
Button/Contact form integrated on page that uses quirks mode
Sometimes you may experience, that a contact button (https://www.liveagent.com/f... more
Invalid license
If you are getting invalid license screen there can be few reasons why. First of... more
Error while fetching Twitter search
If you see this error, nothing serious happened. This error appears when no new ... more
Recent Audio Delay Issues with Twilio Client and Google Chrome for Windows
We have received the following message from Twilio (https://www.liveagent.com/fe... more
Page Not Found error when trying to use support links
You can experience a weird behavior when trying to use 'Submit ticket' or 'Ask a... more
LiveAgent contact us button, tracking script does not work in Joomla 2.5
In Joomla 2.5 JavaScript is not enabled in articles by default, which means, tha... more
Logo upload fails permanently
If you have problems with logo upload (or any file upload) and the application b... more
Error while fetching twitter search: Rate limit exceeded
If your LiveAgent (https://www.liveagent.com) failed to read tweets with message... more
Error: Class PDO does not exist
If you experience an error message like "Error: Class PDO does not exist" during... more
Twilio or Facebook problem: Problem with SSL CE...
Can be resolved by modifying php.ini add this line to your php.ini: curl.cai... more
Fatal error: Class ConversationDetailExampleExtension_CustomerEditExtension
In case you are getting this kind of error after updating your LiveAgent: "Fata... more
LiveAgent is very slow or not loading at all (Cloudflare)
In case your LiveAgent (https://www.liveagent.com/tour/) is very slow or not loa... more
Disable online visitors tracking for high load websites
Some of our customers reported, that their server is not capable to handle high ... more
Attachment files are damaged
If the attachments (https://www.liveagent.com/features/attachments/) in your Liv... more
Request is not correctly encoded
In case your chat button (or any other contact widget) is not loading, it is a g... more
LiveAgent shows only a blank screen when using CloudFlare
Some people using LiveAgent along the services of CloudFlare (https://www.cloudf... more
How to change an email of an agent to an email of a deleted agent
This article can be helpful when you are trying to change an agent email to an e... more

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