Expired session & Concurrent login messages explanation

Users of LiveAgent may experience disconnections from their accounts, with the messages "Your session expired" or "Concurrent login" appearing. LiveAgent itself doesn't have a feature that disconnects agents from the panel, however, there are typical scenarios in which this issue arises. These scenarios are although not preventable by altering any settings within the LiveAgent panel.

Simultaneous Logins Across Multiple Browser Tabs, Devices, or Mobile App

LiveAgent permits an agent to be logged only in on one device, including the mobile application, and only in one browser tab simultaneously. If you're logged in on one browser tab and then open a new tab with your LiveAgent panel, or log in from a different browser, device, or the LiveAgent mobile app, you'll be logged out of the previous browser tab.

Truly expired session

The "Your session expired" message can also appear when your session genuinely expires. This typically happens after 3 minutes when your browser fails to communicate with LiveAgent, such as when your PC goes into sleep mode or your internet connection drops unexpectedly.

Browser Disconnects Inactive Tabs

Another scenario is due to browser behavior. Browsers are designed to put inactive tabs to sleep when the computer's memory is fully utilized. Thus, browsers might disconnect inactive tabs that haven't been viewed for a while. This default setting is common across most popular browsers. As these inactive tabs don't keep their sessions active, the session is suspended or closed, and the "Your session expired" message appears, requiring a panel reload.

To prevent this, consider monitoring your browser's memory use and reduce it if necessary by closing some tabs or restarting the browser.

Tips from Our Support Team

While LiveAgent cannot influence your browser's actions, we've provided some useful tips for the most popular browsers to keep the LiveAgent panel active: