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Expired session & Concurrent login messages explanation

Users of LiveAgent may experience disconnections from their accounts, with the messages "Your session expired" or "Concurrent login" appearing. LiveAgent itself doesn't have a feature that disconnects agents from the panel, however, there are typical scenarios in which this issue arises. These scenarios are although not preventable by altering any settings within the LiveAgent panel. Simultaneous Logins Across Multiple Browser Tabs, Devices, or Mobile App LiveAgent permits an agent to be logge...

LiveAgent Domain parking possible problems

You can face some problems or errors while parking your custom domain or setting up/updating your SSL certificate. We've listed the most common issues for you: Certificate chain is incomplete Your certificate is missing intermediate and/or root certificates. You need to add them all, one after another, in the exact given order, where the first (end-user) certificate always goes first. Certificates need to go on a new line, without line breaks between them. Usually SSL issuers or domain host...

GeoIP feature possible issues

You can face some issues and see errors in the browser's console while setting up the GeoIP plugin ( We've listed the most common issues for you. If some of the errors/issues are not listed here, feel free to check this article ( or contact us, and we will investigate it as soon as possible. Error: "This page can't load Google Maps correctly." Solution: Billing for y...

File upload error without a definition

We discovered an issue with jsonview plugin which some of our customers have running in the background of their browser. Such an issue will not allow you to upload any file into LiveAgent (into ticket, chat or avatar change). You'll get just an error message like "Upload error with message:" during a file upload. Please check your browser section related to plugins and turn OFF jsonview plugin and if possible, turn off any of running plugins - then try to upload the file once again.