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Replies sent from LiveAgent on eBay notification emails aren't received by the end user

A few customers brought to our attention that when you receive an email from eBay notifying you about new message from user and you reply this email directly from LiveAgent that this reply isn't correctly received by the end user. The problem is that eBay needs to have email headers and subject nicely preserved and this article is going to explain how to achieve that. You need to log in to your LiveAgent admin panel and go to Configuration->Email->Customer templates where you need to edi...

Error: No supported authentication methods found

If you experience an error message like "No supported authentication methods" found while you are adding a new mail account please check if you have allowed one of the supported authentication methods on your server. Supported SMTP/IMAP authentication methods: - DIGEST-MD5 - CRAM-MD5 - LOGIN - PLAIN - XOAUTH2 Supported POP3 authentication methods: - DIGEST-MD5 - CRAM-MD5 - LOGIN - PLAIN - APOP - USER

Unable to connect Yahoo! mail account

If you searched for this article, most likely you've got the following error message while trying to connect you Yahoo! mail account to LiveAgent: Authentication failed, please check your username/password. Other possible reason could be the server is blocking the IP/country LiveAgent is accessing the email account from. As LiveAgent servers are hosted in Slovakia, Germany, UK and USA, please make sure the email server is not blocking access from these countries. If you are 100% sure that you ...