Offline/No internet connection and Invalid CSRF token errors

In terms of connectivity issues, there are 2 most common visible errors that indicate a problem with your internet connection, or with the connection between your endpoint and our servers.

Offline/No internet connection error

LiveAgent is able to detect the loss of your internet connection and notify you about it. When your internet connection is lost, the error messages "Offline" and "Trying to reconnect" are displayed at the bottom of your LiveAgent panel. You may notice that also the Ticket/Chat/Voice status availability icons in the top right corner turn red, and after clicking on them also the "No internet connection" sign is displayed. In case you'll lose your internet connection during writing a ticket reply, the Send button will be deactivated.

You won't be able to send your reply until your internet connection will be restored and a confirmation notification "You're back online!" will be displayed. The same applies to live chat replies either as an agent or as a customer, or to a written knowledge base article. The process is automatic and your page won't be refreshed when the connection gets lost or restored, but for any case, you can always copy your last reply/paragraph.

Invalid CSRF token error

A CSRF token is a secure random token (synchronizer token) that is used to prevent CSRF attacks. The "Invalid CSRF token, reload page to fix the problem" error means that your browser couldn't create a secure cookie, or couldn't access that cookie to authorize your login. The most common reasons causing this problem are a change of internet connection, a change of IP address, or a quick temporary drop-down of your internet connection.

To fix this error, it is needed to reload your page. Unfortunately, our support team would not be able to help you with this error, but if it appears repeatedly, you are welcome to check this guide, do the MTR test, and send us the results.