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The Ranking feature in LiveAgent enables customers to evaluate the answers of your support agents. This feature can be utilized for both chat and email responses, and it also gives you an overview and report on how your agents were doing and if your customers received the support they were expecting.

By default, this feature is enabled, but it can be toggled on or off in Configuration > System > Plugins.

While default agents can only view their own ratings, those with custom roles with the "View rankings of other agents" permission, admins, and owners can view all agents' ratings in tickets and reports.

Available rating options

There are the following rating values available for customers:

  • Positive rating - represented by a happy face, thumb up, or the word "Yes"
  • Semi-positive rating - represented by a neutral face or phrase "It was OK"
  • Negative rating - represented by a sad face, thumb down, or the word "No"

For information on how ratings are calculated in reports, refer to this article.

How customers rate a chat

After a chat session ends, customers are presented with rating options. They can select their preferred rating to evaluate the overall chat communication.

The rating options displayed to customers are dependent on your chat window theme.

The Minimal chat window theme does not include the semi-positive rating option.


From an agent's perspective, the rating appears at the end of the chat, below the last sent message.

How customers rate a ticket

To enable customers to rate ticket answers, you need to add the {$conversationUrl} variable to your email templates. This variable generates a unique link to the ticket in your customer portal. The link is generated automatically based on the URL of your LiveAgent account, followed by a public access code – e.g.

To add such a link to your answers, navigate to Configuration > Email > Customer templates, select the template, and add the variable {$conversationLink} into the template's body. Only admins and owners have access to the Email configuration section.

Customers can open the link to access the ticket in your customer portal and rate the latest reply from the agent. The rating option is available only if the agent's reply is the most recent one in the ticket.

By default, customers need to register and log in to access the ticket. However, if you'd like to disable the requirement for authentication, so everyone with the unique link to the ticket will be able to open it and read its history, you can disable this requirement in Configuration > System > General by unchecking the "Require authentication" checkbox next to the "My tickets" option.

The displayed rating options depend on the theme of your customer portal.

Each chat session or ticket answer can be rated individually.

Leaving comments

After selecting a rating option, customers also have the option to leave a comment explaining their rating and detailing their experience with the support agent.

Accessing the Agents' Ratings report

If the Ranking feature is active, the Agents' ratings section is available in the Reports. This section provides an overview of all ratings and comments given to all agents. Access to this section is limited to owners, admins, and agents with custom roles with the "View rankings of other agents" permission. This section is available also for agents with a custom role with the "View rankings of other agents" permission even if the "View reports" permission is not attributed to that custom role.

For more detailed information about this section and available actions & report metrics see this article.

Invalidating ratings

Any ratings that are deemed incorrect or unhelpful can be invalidated from the Agents' ratings section by clicking on the X icon in the chosen rating's row. Invalidated ratings are removed from both the ticket and reports, but remain visible (albeit grayed out) in the Agents' ratings section. Even if a ticket where a rating was given is deleted and purged, the rating will remain in this section.

Only owners, admins, and agents with custom roles with the "Invalidate ticket review" permission can invalidate ratings. Agents without this permission won't see the X button, even if they have access to the Agents' ratings section.