To solve button is a feature that we recommend using if you want to make sure that no customer is forgotten and everyone receives their reply as soon as possible. This function routes the tickets based on how long the ticket has been unanswered and based on the created SLA levels applied to the tickets. This way, the tickets from the customers that have been waiting for the answer from your support team the longest or the customers with an urgent issue, if defined by the SLA level, will be prioritized and routed to an agent first. 

You can enable this function by clicking on the envelope icon at the right top of your panel and you can also select the departments from which you wish to solve the tickets. It is also possible to disable the option to change the departments from which the tickets should be solved. 

Once it is enabled, you will be able to see at the right top of the screen the number of how many tickets there are open and are waiting to be answered. In the picture below, we can see that there is 1 ticket that needs to be solved. 
If you click on it, the ticket with the highest priority will open up and your agent can start working on it. If he closes the ticket and clicks on the To solve button again, the same ticket will open up, therefore they won’t be able to skip the tickets they do not like. In case they do not know how to solve them, they can just easily transfer the ticket to a 2nd level department where only a few people have access to for example. Or they can just assign the ticket to a specific agent and only then they would be able to open a new ticket. 

Assigned tickets

To solve button never routes the tickets that are assigned to some other agent. By default, it does not even route the tickets that are assigned to you but this can be changed in Configuration->System->General->Route "assigned to me" tickets. If you do not enable this option, the To solve button will skip assigned to me tickets and they will have to be answered directly from the ticket inbox. 

Enabling this option might be useful if your agents assign tickets to themselves and they would like to have the ticket routed to them so that it will serve as a reminder and they would not have to answer from the inbox directly or worry that they would answer later then they should. 

How the tickets are distributed

You can configure the way how the tickets are distributed in Configuration->System->General->To solve algorithm

If you choose the Time priority, the tickets will be distributed randomly to any agent, based on when the ticket was received. The oldest unanswered ticket will open up first. If you have some SLA rules set up, these will be taken into account as well.

It is good to choose the other option, Prioritize last agent if you prefer the tickets to be answered by the same agent when a new message comes in. This setting won't change the order when the ticket should open up, just to whom it should open up. 

If, for example, there are 2 tickets and one of them is a new one, so no agent sent any answer yet and then you have another ticket that is open, where agent A already replied before, then the later ticket will be directed to the Agent A that already answered the ticket before.

To solve function can be set up in two ways:
1.    Enable using the To solve button for your agents but still give them the permission to open and reply tickets opened in the ticket inbox.
2.    Disable replying to the tickets opened in the ticket inbox to avoid cherry-picking the tickets and only let them answer tickets using the To Solve button.

How to setup that agents can answer tickets opened from the “To solve” button only.

To do this, navigate to Configuration->Agents->edit specific agent->Departments->check Can answer tickets opened from the 'To solve' button only

There is another option to Allow user change status in department. By default, all the agents can enable and disable themselves from the departments they are assigned to. If you would rather have them always enabled for all the departments they are assigned to and you do not want to give them an option to disable themselves, you can uncheck the setting Allow user change status in department and they won't be able to affect from which departments the tickets are opened to them. 

There is no default setting that would force this To solve to all agents. 

If you want to leave out tickets from a certain department and you do not want them to be opened via the To solve button,  you can navigate to Configuration->Departments-> uncheck To solve enabled. Once this is done, it will be possible to answer the tickets from that department only from the ticket inbox directly. These tickets would not get opened via To solve button even if agents include that specific department in their To solve button. 

Please note that this option might be also automatically disabled in case there are more than 30 000 opened or new tickets in the department.