Every person who has their own access to the LiveAgent's agent panel counts as an agent. Agents can have different roles, depending on their competencies and needed permissions, like owner, admin, agent, or any kind of custom agent role. Roles can be attributed to agents from Configuration > Agents > Edit chosen agent's account.

Changing agent's role will log the agent out.


There are 3 default roles - Agent, Admin, and Owner.

  • Agents can view, reply to and manage tickets, pick up live chats/calls, write and manage knowledge base, manage contacts, create their own canned messages & predefined answers, manage their own profiles, and see their own reports. All Agents' permissions are described in this article, noted as "Granted by default".
  • Admins, in addition to agent role permissions, can manage accounts of other agents and admins (but not owners' accounts), see all reports, and configure the system settings.
  • Owners, in addition to admin role permissions, can manage LiveAgent account billing and payment settings.

Custom agent roles

Apart from the default roles, it is possible to also create custom agent roles with various permissions to customize the permissions of the default Agent role. The custom roles feature is available only for the Large and Enterprise plans. Custom roles can be set up in Configuration > Custom agent roles.


Creating a custom agent role

A new custom role can be created in Configuration > Custom agent roles > Create custom role. When creating a new custom role, the default permissions of the Agent role are pre-selected (noted as "Granted by default"). Name the custom role, add/revoke needed permissions, and create the custom role.

All available permissions for custom roles are described in this article.


Editing a custom agent role

An existing custom role can be adjusted/removed in Configuration > Custom agent roles after clicking on chosen custom role's name. In the displayed Custom role screen, you are able to rename the custom role, save a new copy of the role, see and change its permissions, or delete it.

The Modified Permissions list displays only permissions that were changed for the given role, unchanged granted/revoked permissions are not displayed in this list but are still granted/revoked as by default.


When you try to delete a custom role, the system always asks you to select another role, either the default Agent role or a custom one, that will be automatically attributed to all agents that at the moment have the role that is going to be deleted.