LiveAgent My Account section

If you have a cloud-hosted account, you can manage your account's billing information in the My Account section, available, depending on the theme, after clicking on the ✪ icon in the menu in case of Material and Obsidian themes, or on the ♥ icon in the menu in case of Dark and White themes, located in the bottom left corner of your Agent panel.

Before upgrade:

After upgrade:

Upgrade your trial account to paid one:

Note: Upgrade of the Trial account can be done by any Administrator. The one who made the upgrade becomes the new owner of the system. After the upgrade, the My Account section is now only visible to the Owner. 

1. When you are ready to take a step forward and upgrade your trial to a paid account, navigate to the My Account section, choose your preferred plan, and click Checkout.

2. Enter your billing information and proceed using the Next button.

3. Choose your preferred payment method. You can choose to pay using a Credit Card or PayPal. When you are done, hit Finish. Our Payment processor will now try to charge your account.

Note: All hosted account payments are upfront and recurring monthly.

4. After upgrading, your account will be automatically refreshed and a short maintenance mode will be executed. During this time, your account will be upgraded to the version you chose during the upgrade process.

Note: You may notice an immediate request for a small charge as you try to upgrade to the paid plan (usually between 1€ and 10€). This is a temporary authorization charge when you add a payment card in order to validate your credit or debit card.

Upgrade your free account to a paid one:

While it is not possible to switch from the free account to the free trial version, you are always able to upgrade from your free account to a paid subscription at any time, using the same steps as in a regular trial version described above. If you find that you don't like the limitations of the free account, you can simply switch to a paid subscription and enjoy all its benefits and features.

If you need to test out some of the features before deciding whether or not to switch to a paid subscription, feel free to create a separate free trial for 14 days before taking the step. 

Note: Switching from a free plan to the paid version is irreversible and you will not be able to go back to the original free plan once you upgrade.

View all your invoices:

Click on the Invoices button in My account section to see all of your previous invoices. You can also download the invoices in the PDF format using the Download button.


Update your current Credit card or PayPal information:

Anytime after the upgrade of your account, you are able to update or change your payment method by clicking on Payment info. Just like during the upgrade, you are able to use a Credit card or PayPal

Update your current billing information:

Anytime after the upgrade of your account, you are able to update or change your billing information by clicking on Billing info

Stop your account:

There is also an option to STOP (cancel) your account anytime. Just click the Stop account button and confirm your decision. This action will prevent our payment processor from charging you in the next billing cycle and will suspend your account. 

Possible problems and troubleshooting:

- If your payment fails (for whichever reason) our payment processor will try to charge you three more times every 12 hours. After the third unsuccessful attempt, you have to update your payment information, otherwise, your account will get suspended.

-The reason for the declined (or failed) payment is 99% unknown to us. Therefore the first step upon noticing a failed payment is to contact your bank that released your credit card to find out why your card was declined. If they don't know the specific reason why the credit card was declined and they can confirm that they did not decline your card or the attempt to bill your card, then you need to contact our support and we will contact the payment processor for more details regarding the failed payment.
Frequently asked questions:
Q: Is it possible to change the owner of an account?
A: Yes, you are able to change the owner (or add another owner) of your account by editing the agent account of the new owner from Configuration> Agents and changing his Role to in "Owner can manage the account, billing and system settings, view and answer tickets". You can find more information in the Agents and users article.
Q: Is it possible to have more owners of an account?
A: We are not limiting the number of owners in the account. Therefore, you are able to have multiple owners in the account.