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LiveAgent pricing page

You can find our available plans, included features, and the pricing on the page

LiveAgent My Account section

Quick navigation - Upgrading Trial/Free account to a paid plan (#upgrade) - Account usage summary (#summary) - Viewing all invoices (#invoices) - Changing subscription plan (#plan) - Adding/removing addons (#addons) - Updating billing info (#billing_info) - Updating payment details (#payment_details) - Stopping LiveAgent account (#stop_account) - Resuming account billing (#resume_billing) You can manage your account's billing information in the My Account section, avail...

LiveAgent invoicing explained

Quick navigation - Introduction (#introduction) - Additional charges outside billing days (#additional_charges) - Removing agents/addons/downgrading the plan (#lowered_usage) - Changing the billing day (#change_billing_day) - Monthly/yearly summary (#summarization) Our invoices might seem complicated at first, but once you understand the key points there should be no doubt about how it works. The main thing to understand is that you always pay only for the real usage of your ac...

Accepted payment methods

We currently accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer. Please find a detailed list of accepted payment methods below: - LiveAgent cloud-hosted (SaaS) accounts ( are running on a payment processor which currently supports the following billing methods: Customers with cloud-hosted accounts can choose whether they want to pay monthly or annually. Payments for cloud-hosted accounts can be managed in the My Account section (../565910-Liv...