Using this feature you can fight against delivering poor customer support by letting your customers rate the answers of your support agents. This feature can be used for both chats and emails and it also gives you an overview and report for how your agents were doing and if your customers received the support they were expecting.  

The agent ranking is activated by default once your account is created. If you want to deactivate this feature, navigate to Configuration>System>Plugins and click on Deactivate next to the Ranking plugin.

How does it work in chats?

When an agent or a customer ends the chat, there are three emojis showing up – smiley face, frowny face, neutral face. Customers having a chat with you can click on one and choose if they were happy or unhappy with the support that your agents provided them with.

When choosing happy or sad emoji, there is also an option to leave a comment and clarify what was their experience with the support agent. If they choose a middle one, a neutral emoji, there is no option to leave a comment and the customer will only be able to see his conversation with the support agent. 

From the agent’s perspective, the rating will appear at the bottom of the ticket after the last sent message as displayed below. 

Agents can see only their own ratings right in the ticket. Admins and owners can see all the ratings of all agents, both in the ticket and in the reports. 

To check the ratings in the Reports section, navigate to Reports>Ranking agents.

Here the admins and owners can see who and when left the rating, what it was, and also the comment if there is any. There is also an option to view the ticket. If you click on the eye icon next to a specific rating, the ticket will automatically open up and you will be able to read through the whole conversation and decide if the rating was relevant. If for some reason, the customer was in a bad mood or they left a negative rating by accident, you are still able to disregard and delete the rating by clicking on a bin icon next to the view icon. 

How does it work in emails?

If you would like to have the email answers rated as well, you can add {$conversationUrl} variable to the email template. This variable will appear as a link – generated automatically based on the URL of your LiveAgent account following by random string – e.g., Please note that it is not possible to customize this link.

To add this link to your templates, navigate to Configuration>Email>Customer templates>choose a template>add variable {$conversationUrl}. Note that only admins and owners can access the configuration.

Customer can click the link to access the ticket history and also rate the latest reply from your agents. By default though the customer would first need to register to be able to log in to access his tickets. If you'd like to you can disable the requirement for authentication so everyone with the unique link to the ticket will be able to open it and read its history, this can be done under Configuration>System->General where you'd uncheck the Require authentication checkbox next to the My tickets option.

Here is an example of what the customer would see after accessing his ticket using the link:

Rating is possible only if the agent's reply is the last one in the ticket.

If you are looking for a more complex solution of ranking/feedback management, you can use Nicereply software and integrate it with LiveAgent.