How to setup Rewards and Badges in LiveAgent

In this video I will show you how to setup Rewards and Badges in LiveAgent.
Badges create a fun and engaging workplace. With badges, the productivity in the office naturally increases. People love collecting and holding onto rewarding Badges and try to shake of the negative ones as soon as possible. Rewards and Badges are a part of the Gamification functionality.

Video Instructions

  1. Navigate to Configuration>System>Gamification and Click on Badges

  2. Now you see the list of badges in your LiveAgent. All Badges are in an active mode by default. You can disable Badges  you don’t want by clicking on Disable or edit their images, names and descriptions by clicking on Edit.

  3. By clicking the edit badge you can also find out when will be the badge assigned to an agent and how often it’s evaluated.

  4. For example: LiveAgent will assign the “Speedy Gonzales” badge to a support rep, whose average response time to the ringing chats was fastest in the day before.

Rewards and badges Text Setup

If you prefer text with screenshots instructions over video, see Rewards and badges setup guide.