How to create and add Tags in LiveAgent

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create and add Tags in LiveAgent. In this video, I will create a tag named “Urgent” and mark a ticket with this tag.

Here are some options how you can use tags

•    Add tags to tickets, either manually or automatically, and use those tags to create custom workflows.
•    Browse tickets by tag.
•    Use tags in your business rules (Rules, SLA Rules, Time Rules) to create custom workflows.
•    Create views and reports by tags.

Video Instructions

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Automation>Tags and click on Create. Name it with a unique name. Setup the text color and background color, hit apply and save.
  2. Now navigate to Tickets, open a ticket and click on add tag. You can now see this ticket marked as Urgent in the ticket overview.

Tags Text Setup

If you prefer text with screenshots instructions over video, see Tags setup guide.