Tags are simply words or phrases you can use to add more connotation to tickets. Tags provide you with an unlimited amount of flexibility to manage and customize your support workflow. Using tags is a simple way to categorize your tickets. Add tags on your tickets in order to get a better grasp on various support topics. Also, use tags to differentiate important customers. Even add tags to existing tickets in order to sort and filter through your tickets easily.

Tags Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration --> Automation --> Tags

Step 2: Click on Create. Name your new tag with a unique name. Choose your preferred Text and Background color. Optionally, mark the tag as Public. If you enable this option, once you mark any ticket with this tag, it will be visible for your clients in your customer portal in My tickets section

Private tags vs. Public tags

When you are creating a new tag, you have an option to either set it as private - visible only to agents inside the LiveAgent panel, or as public - visible also to customers in the customer portal. Public tags are visible only in the My Tickets section where all tickets of a specific customer are listed, whereas opening a ticket in the customer portal does not display its tags.

Adding Tags to Tickets

You can add multiple tags to a ticket. To add a tag to any ticket manually, open a specific ticket in the Ticket section and click on + add tag. Adding tags to any ticket allows you to search, sort or filter them by Tags

To add tags to your tickets automatically, create a Rule in Configuration --> Automation --> Rules --> Create new with a Perform action: Add Tag.

Note: Adding a tag to any ticket can be also a Trigger action of any further rule.

Filtering Tickets by Tags

You might want to filter all Tickets that are actually urgent queries with a Tag like Urgent, etc... It can be achieved by creating a new filter in the Ticket filters section or in Configuration --> System --> Ticket filters


Tag report

LiveAgent offers a report of added Tags to all tickets from a specific time range. Individual entries can be sorted by time range, Department, Channel, and Agent. Tag report can be found in Reports --> Tag report. If you wish you can export it to a *.csv file