Ticket filters

Sometimes you need to see all tickets matching a specific condition. For example you want to see all tickets assigned to your colleague or you want to see all tickets tagged with a specific tag or maybe you just want to see all tickets which were created today. You can easily use the search function from the Ticket filters section to find what you need but if you need to see this information regularly it is not very convenient to construct the search filter every time and this is why you can save your search filters.

The Ticket filters however shouldn't be used as a main way of accessing tickets which you need to reply, for that there is the To solve button functionality. You should use the filters only as an additional option to your default To solve button workflow.

Filters Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Tickets
Step 2: Click on + Create

Step 3: In the new window name your new filter with a unique name and choose filter conditions and click Create to save the filter.


How often are filters recomputed

The saved ticket filters are not updated in real time, so it might happen that the displayed number of Open and New tickets next to the filter name will not match the actual number of Open and New tickets you'll see after you open the filter. We should stress here again that the Ticket filters shouldn't be used in your primary workflow to answer tickets which need to be resolved. For that there is the To solve button which is updated in real time and will always open the ticket which has to be solved first.

The actual time for how often the filters are recomputed varies from approximately every 2 seconds to every 10 minutes. This time is different for every saved ticket filter and depends on multiple different conditions. For example the hidden filters will recompute only every 5 to 10 minutes, active filters where there are only a few Open and New ticket will recompute every 2 seconds, active filters with 99+ tickets will recompute less often since the information whether there are 91 or 92 tickets which need to be solved isn't as important as whether there is 0 or 1. Also if you have created a complex search filter which takes at least 30 seconds to return the result it will not be recomputed more often than every 32 seconds.

To sum up the filters will recompute as often as it is possible to preserve infrastructure performance and in the same time provide the best user experience possible.


Note: if you wish to create a filter available for all agents you can do so by following this article.

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