Let´s say that you as the owner of your LiveAgent system want to define default ticket filters for all or specific agents. This way you can ensure that your agents will always have a clear ticket overview.

Configuration steps

Step 1: Go to Configuration --> System --> Ticket filters --> Add filter

Step 2: Think over which tickets should be filtered. In our example we are trying to filter all open tickets created by email where a particular agent was participated. Name the filter "Participated in".

Step 3: Decide if you want to keep this filter available for all agents or departments. If no, uncheck the "Available to all agents" and add specific agents or departments for which the filter should be available.

Step 4: Manage conditions - We would like to show only tickets with status "Open" from source "Email" and additional filter "Message added by" which should be set as "Me". So all agent will be able to see open tickets with their participation in them. (All available conditions care listed here)

Step 5: Click "Create" and refresh your panel. You should see the filter in "Tickets" section.