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Notes - Visible only to agents

LiveAgent allows you to add private notes to any ticket that are only visible to agents and not to the ticket requester or any other end-users that may have been CC'd on the ticket.

This allows for a better flow of internal information between you and your colleagues. Notes can be especially useful when you are transferring the ticket to another agent, and you need to quickly summarize your progress. You can also use them to leave a note ahead when you are postponing a ticket for a later time.

We can divide notes into 3 "sections"

  • note in a ticket/conversation - most used note visible in tickets flow. Keep in mind that this note cannot be changed or deleted in a ticket once it has been added!
  • customer-related note - this note is visible on the right panel of an opened ticket under customer's details. This note is visible on all customer's tickets. 
  • ticket-related note - this note is also visible on the right panel of an opened ticket but under the ticket's details. It is visible only on this particular ticket. 

How to add notes in a ticket

Step 1: Navigate to the main Ticket overview
Step 2: Open any Ticket in which you want to add a note
Step 3: Click on the "Add note" button
Example use-case:
Your customer explained an issue in six long emails, you can summarize this issue in a note and transfer it to the developers who will handle and solve it. They don’t have to read all the emails from the customer (that would be time-wasting), your summary of the issue in the added note is sufficient for them.

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