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LiveAgent allows you to forward ticket item messages to different email addresses instead of replying to the last message of a ticket. This feature is particularly helpful when you want to share the customer's message with a third party.

Forwarding a ticket item message creates a new ticket to separate the communication.

You cannot forward an entire ticket containing all its messages. Only the last or selected message (and its quoted text, if applicable) can be forwarded.

General Forward ticket action

To forward the last message of a ticket, click on the More button (three dots) in the ticket actions section, and select "Forward". Keep in mind that this action forwards only the last message of the ticket, not all messages of the whole ticket.


Upon selecting the Forward action, a text box similar to the regular ticket reply text box will appear, allowing you to write a message for the recipient to whom you are forwarding the customer's message. This message will not be sent to the customer in the current ticket.


After forwarding the message, a new ticket will be created containing your message to the recipient, as well as the forwarded message (and its quoted text, if applicable) in the quoted text section. Note that as the general Forward action forwards the last message of the ticket, it could also be a message from an agent (and its quoted text).


A system message will be added after the message, indicating that the ticket was created by forwarding a message from another ticket. The message in the original ticket that you forwarded will also contain a notification mentioning that it has been forwarded in a new ticket.


Forwarding a specific ticket item message

In addition to forwarding the last message of a ticket using the general Forward action, you can also forward a specific message of any ticket item. To do this, locate the desired ticket item, click on the Options button (three dots) in the top right corner of the ticket item, and select "Forward". The rest of the process is the same as when using the general Forward action from the ticket actions section.