Ticket participants functionality explanation

When you want to reply to a ticket in LiveAgent, there are two options to reply to it:

  • Reply - send the reply to the customer's email address from which the customer sent you the last message in the ticket thread
  • Reply to all - send the reply to the customer's email address from which the customer sent you the last message in the ticket thread, and to all email addresses added as carbon copies (Cc)
    Blind carbon copies (Bcc) are not visible, and therefore can't be populated from the customer's email and automatically added to your reply.

If the customer is using a reply-to email address, your reply will be sent to this email address instead of the one from which the customer contacted you.

Depending on whether you are replying just to the customer or also to all CC addresses, replies to emails/tickets in LiveAgent are always sent to the participants of the last customer's message, they are populated from the headers from the source of the last customer's email message.

Modifying ticket participants

If the customer would modify the participants of the email thread, note that your next reply will be sent to the participants from the last customer's message, not to the participants of first/previous messages.

Modifying email reply participants manually in LiveAgent as an agent will affect only your current reply. If the customer would again modify them back (reply just to you instead of to all, or change/remove CC addresses), participants populated to your next reply in LiveAgent will be again taken from the last customer's message, not the last agent's reply with modified participants.

Tickets without an email message from a customer

As tickets are created also from chats, calls, video calls, etc., such tickets do not contain any email message from the customer at first, and therefore the system does not have any email addresses available to be populated as participants from the last customer's email headers. In that case, the email address set up as the email address of the ticket owner is populated into the reply.


If the ticket owner does not have any email address set up (for example because you are not requesting it via the pre-chat form), the To: field will be empty and it would be needed to insert the customer's email address manually.


Ticket details Participants section

In the previous versions of LiveAgent participants of the ticket were saved in the Participants (formerly Recipients) ticket details section. As the function has been refactored in version 5.28, this section does not anymore affect ticket participants in any way.

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