Answer Delivery Status Indicator

In agents' answers, there is a delivery status indicator, located adjacent to the agent's name. This feature provides information on the status of the agent's reply - whether it has been successfully sent, is scheduled to be sent out shortly, is delayed, or was not delivered because the customer's mail server failed to receive it.

The indicator may display any of the following statuses:

  • Answer sent - means the agent's response has been accepted for sending by the outgoing mail account's server
  • Answer scheduled - indicates that the agent's response is arranged to be sent out soon by LiveAgent
  • Answer delayed - shows that the agent's response is scheduled in LiveAgent but has been delayed for over 3 hours, implying potential email dispatch issues that require investigation
  • Answer not delivered - denotes that the agent's response could not be delivered since the recipient's email server did not accept it

By clicking on the answer delivery status indicator, you can bring up the details of the email response in a separate dialog box. This is the same as the dialog box that can be displayed in Configuration > Tools > Mail outbox. However, this feature is only accessible to administrators and owners, not to agents as they do not have access to the Mail outbox section and therefore cannot view the details of email responses.

Please note that the details of the email response are only accessible for a specific time period. This period is defined in Configuration > System > General > Number of days.

Email delivery report details

If the answer delivery status indicator shows that the answer was not delivered, you can click on the indicator to view the delivery report message. This report is sent from the recipient's email server, providing information about the issue that prevented the delivery of the reply either on the recipient's or your email server side.

For additional information regarding the issue, you can look up the error code of the delivery report on this website.

In case an answer could not be delivered to the customer, the ticket will automatically be reopened with a system note stating "System reopened ticket because an answer was not delivered". This allows you to check the delivery report. The delivery report is available to all users, including agents.