Configuring Department-Specific Outgoing Email Accounts

In LiveAgent, administrators have the option to allow chosen outgoing email accounts for each department separately, allowing agents to reply to tickets using only selected email addresses, or force replying to tickets in a specific department only from one particular outgoing email account. This ability to set up multiple outgoing email accounts can be accessed in Configuration > Departments, followed by clicking on the department name.

General configuration

In the General Configuration section, administrators can add agents to the department, enable ticketing, chat, and call services for them, customize department-specific email templates, and select the mail account that sends notifications. Further details on the general functionalities of the Departments feature can be found in this article.

Emails configuration

In the following two sections, you can select outgoing email accounts for the department:

  • For the first answer in a ticket pre-select - this setting specifies the pre-selected outgoing email account when sending the first response to a ticket that was not created from a fetched email (internal ticket, chat, call, etc.), and also for new tickets created by agents.
    Once there is an email message in the ticket, either from any agent or from the customer, the outgoing email account used to reply to tickets from this department will be chosen based on the "For next answer in a ticket pre-select" setting.
    Tickets created from fetched emails populate for their first reply the outgoing email account that is set up as the default sender of the incoming email account to which the email has been sent.
  • For next answer in a ticket pre-select - this setting determines the outgoing email account used for replying to tickets:
    • If inactive: The outgoing email account used for the last email sent to the customer will be used for the agent's next reply.
    • If active: The outgoing email account specified in the "For the first answer in a ticket pre-select" setting is always used for the agent's replies.
      By activating this option, you can force agents to always reply to tickets using the same pre-selected outgoing email account, including the first reply.

  • Allowed Outgoing Email Accounts - this list allows administrators to select which additional outgoing email accounts agents can use when replying to tickets in the department. Agents can still reply from email accounts specified in the "For the first answer in a ticket pre-select" setting and automatically populated via the inactive "For next answer in a ticket pre-select" setting even if not allowed in the list.
    The allowed email accounts are only applicable if agents are permitted to modify the From address of their replies. The "From address modification" setting can be activated in Configuration > Email > Email settings.