Departments represent a specific division of your organization by product or service, field of knowledgebase, physical location or responsibility. You can use them for reporting or even for access control where you don't want some agents to see tickets of a specific department.

Departments Video Setup

If you prefer video instructions over text, watch the video below:

Departments Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration > Departments

Step 2: Click on Create. Name your new Department with a unique name.


Adding Agents to Departments

Step 1: To add an Agent to a specific Department, navigate to Configuration > Agents.

Step 2: In the left pop-up sidebar menu select Departments.

Step 3: By clicking "+ Add" or "x Remove" next to a specific Department you define whether the agent can or cannot see this department and tickets contained in it.

Side notes:

  • You can also enable routing of tickets, chats, or phone calls to the agents. Just click on the email/chat/phone icon next to the agent name to enable/disable it for them.
  • Users with "agent" privileges can see and answer tickets ONLY from the department they are added in! They are not able to view tickets from other departments. 
  • Users with "admin" privileges can see the department even if they are not added in it! They just won't have the option to directly enable chat/call/ticket solving on that department for themselves.

Department email templates section 

You are able to set up different email templates for different departments so that when you create a new ticket or reply to an existing one under department A, you can use a different template for the message than when replying to a ticket in department B. You can find this section in Configuration > Departments > Email templates section and it is also possible to set this up from under Configuration > Email > Customer templates

  • Chat transcript - Email template of a chat transcript send to customer
  • Forward message - Used when agent forwards message to customer
  • Ticket reply - Used when agent replies an existing ticket
  • New Ticket - Used when agent creates a ticket using New > New Ticket option
  • Ticket resolved - Email template send to customer when his ticket is resolved

This section contains the option to set up a Mail account. Mail account set up in Department Email templates section will be used for:

  • all notification emails sent from this department, including notifications created by Rules for example using action send mail
  • replying to offline tickets which were not created from email, such as tickets created from Contact forms, tickets fetched from connected emails are replied using the same email which was contacted by the customer. 

To solve setting under Department

There is also a specific setting regarding "To solve"algorithm under each department. You can enable it under Departments > Edit department > Name > To solve enabled.

Once enabled, it will display all tickets under a specific department under "To solve" queue and your agents that are added in the department will be able to answer tickets via "To solve" button.
If you manually disable this option, tickets won't be added under "To solve" and can be answered only directly from the ticket list.
We do recommend enabling this setting and force agents to solve tickets via "To solve" functionality and use the ticket grid only for ticket search.
Please note that this option might be also automatically disabled in case there are more than 30 000 opened or new tickets in the department. In that scenario, tickets won't be added under "To solve" as well.