How to create and use Predefined answers in LiveAgent

In this video tutorial I will show you how to create and use Predefined answer in LiveAgent.

An efficient and simple way to simplify your workflow is to create Predefined answers for support queries that can be answered with a single, standard response.

Video Instructions

  1. To create a predefined answer Navigate to Configuration>Automation>Predefined answers and click on Create predefined answer.
  2. Name it with a unique name.
  3. Add the subject line. Note that the subject will be used only when composing a new ticket.
  4. Type in the message content.
  5. Set the availability to All, Me or the general department.
  6. Hit save.
Now, let’s see how to use predefined answers in practise. Navigate to ticket and create a new ticket. To trigger a Predefined answer simply hit CTRL+I while typing or click the predefined answer icon and select a message.

Predefined answers Text Setup

If you prefer text with screenshots instructions over video, see Predefined answers setup guide.