How to setup Rules in LiveAgent

In this video, I will setup an example Rule which will add a Tag named Reward to all tickets, where an agent has been rated with a positive rating.
Rules are special rules that are "action triggered". Rules create predefined actions that are automatically assigned to tickets. If the rule's conditions are met the action is performed.
Rules are most commonly used for transferring specific tickets to certain departments, adding tags, marking tickets as spam, resolving tickets etc.

Video Instructions

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Automation>Rules>Click on Create. Name your new Rule with a unique name. Set apply when agent rated.
  2. Add a condition group if agent rating type is reward perform action add tag reward.
  3. There’s nothing else you need to do now, the Rule will run in background and perform the task in intervals.

Rules Text Setup

If you prefer text with screenshots instructions over video, see Rules setup guide.