How to add Agents in LiveAgent

In this video tutorial I will show you how to add Agents in LiveAgent.
Agents and customer representatives are essentially equivalent terms, it's the universal definition for all people who provide customer support (resolve support requests).

Video Instructions

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Agents and click on Create agent.
  2. Optionally, you can upload an agent’s photo by choosing an image from your computer or image link.
  3. Name your new Agent with a unique name.
  4. Define Agent’s email address and role, and choose between Agent and Admin roles. Please note that Agent can only view and answer tickets. Admin can manage system settings as well.
  5. Select male or female gender and click Create. Agent will receive login instructions via email.
  6. After the Agent is created, you can edit their email notifications. You can turn on email notifications when a ticket is assigned to an agent, when customer replied in an assigned ticket or when a new ticket is created in a department the agent is member of.
  7. In the department section you can add or remove agents to departments. Additionally you can define the type of service an agent will provide in that department.
  8. In the signature section you, can configure Agent’s signature that is appended at the end of all outgoing tickets.
  9. In the setting section you can configure additional settings such as max chat load which represents the Number of concurrent chats that an agent can handle, Chatting priority and the level of experience.
  10. In the last section you can find Agent’s performance report that can be displayed for any time period you choose.

Agents Text Setup

If you prefer text with screenshots instructions over video, see Agents setup guide.