You can record and store all of your incoming calls and voicemail messages in your LiveAgent account.

Unlimited call recording ensures your calls are safely recorded for legal or training purposes. No matter your sector, whether a legal or healthcare professional, financial institution, or FSA regulated company, call recording is proven to be one of the most effective means for issue resolution, security, and in various cases meeting compliance needs. Unlimited call recording ensures that you are always protected with high-quality recordings of your calls whenever you need them most.

  • How to enable/disable call recordings

    • To set if outbound/incoming calls should be recorded you need to go to Configuration > Calls > Numbers > Edit Phone Number > Check the box "Record inbound / outbond calls" for phone number.
    • If you would like to set to record calls made from call buttons you need to go Configuration > Calls > Buttons > Edit Call Button > Check the box "Record calls" for that specific call button.
    • To record internal calls between agents you need to go to Configuration > Call > Settings and check the "record internal calls" checkbox.
  • How to inform customers that calls will be recorded

    • You can set up any welcome message informing your customers that the call will be recorded using the simple IVR setup described here
    • Example message: “To improve the quality of the customer service and for security reasons, this call will be recorded. Continuing the call you acknowledge and agree with this statement. Please wait until you are connected to a support agent.
  • How to remove the recording

    • You can remove the call recording by purging the ticket from which the call was made.
    • You can remove all recordings and all tickets for a specific customer following this article.
    • It is also possible to remove only the call recording without removing the whole ticket:
      • In the specific ticket by clicking on the "Delete" button next to "call Record"
      • In tickets screen via Mass action button by selecting "deleting call recording" item from the drop-down list
  • Call ​​​​​recording quality

    • The recording is a mono 32kbps mp3 file. Both caller/callee voices are merged in one file.