The Numbers section found under Configuration->Call->Numbers is used for adding your phone numbers from different VOIP providers. Only admins have access to this section.


  • Number - displays the actual phone number which you have connected and next to it you can see its state, whether it is registered or not.
  • Name - represents the friendly name for the number so it is easier for your agents to select the correct number when they are making outbound calls.
  • Department - specifies the department under which the tickets from calls to this number are created. The department might be also different though if you specify it within IVR options of the number.
  • Provider - is the VOIP provider with whom the number is connected, it displays the ready-made connection profiles and the General option for numbers connected manually.
  • Dial out prefix - is used when your agents would want to dial an outbound call directly from their hardware or software phones instead of dialing it from within LiveAgent's dashboard. So for example if the agent would want to use the second number from the above screenshot to make an outbound call to +15417543010 the agent would dial it on his hardware device as 02+15417543010
  • Actions - allow you to edit or remove the connected numbers.

Ready-made connection profiles

There is a bunch of ready-made connection profiles already set up for various VOIP providers listed here. If you should be using any of these it should be fairly straightforward to connect the phone number in LiveAgent by simply clicking the Create button and selecting the specific provider and filling in the required details. Once the details are filled in it might take a minute for the number to get registered to LiveAgent with your provider and after that you should be able to execute both outbound and inbound calls.

Some providers like for example Twilio require additional steps to be taken in order to connect the phone number.

Manual connection using the General option

If you wish to add a number from a provider that is not on the list you'll at the very least need these information before you can add the phone number:

  • SIP host
  • SIP port
  • username
  • password

You should be able to obtain these details from your VOIP provider. Once you have the details you can add the number using the Create -> General option. With most providers you don't need to change anything, just fill in the details and save and within a minute you should see that the number is correctly Registered and both the outbound and inbound calls should work.

If either outbound or inbound calls do not work you can try to change the Advanced settings under the number or consult with the provider's support. Alternatively you can provide us with the details for connecting the number at and we can try to connect it for you and also create a ready-made profile for future customers who might be using the same provider.


After you have your number added you might want to proceed and set up the welcome, offline, queue messages and maybe even some IVR options. Please continue with the IVR guide which covers these options.