How to start a call from LiveAgent

If you want to create a completely new ticket with a call, then you'd go to New->New call at the top of your agent panel in LiveAgent:

Then in the To field you'd search for the contact you wish to call or you'd just write the phone number there and initiate the call:

Now depending on the device you have chosen for answering phones, one of the following will happen:

  1. If you have "browser" selected, the browser will ask you to allow your microphone to be used and once you allow the call starts. If the browser won't ask anything and the call won't start please check whether you haven't blocked the microphone by mistake as explained here.
  2. If you have "mobile phone app" selected you'll get "Unimplemented" error message, the call will crash and you'll need to logout and log back in to close it. When using mobile app you are supposed to initiate the call from the mobile app itself, at least until we implement a more elegant solution.
  3. If you have "phone" selected, so you're using hardware of software phones, your phone starts to ring, you'll answer it and the application starts calling the customer.

On the other hand, if you just would like discuss something with your colleague before you actually answer to some customer, you can perform an "internal call", please check here.