How to transfer a call to another agent or department

When a customer calls you, the following call notification will start ringing in your LiveAgent panel.


After a few moments of speaking with the customer, you may realize that you would need to pass the customer with his/her request/issue to another colleague or department. You are able to do it by using the Transfer function. You can transfer calls that were made by calling any number connected to your LiveAgent, or via the Call Us button. Calls made by the Video call feature cannot be transferred.

On a running call, you can see the 'Transfer' button:


As soon as you click on the 'Transfer' button, the customer will be put on hold. After the transfer begins, you will be able to choose to which department, or specifically to which agent would you want to transfer your call, and also include a note.


Once you chose the agent or a department for transfer, click on the orange 'TRANSFER' button and a new Internal call will ring in another agent's panel. If you choose a department, the Internal call will ring to agents based on the Call routing setting that you've set in Call settings.

Decline a transferred call by 2nd agent
There can be 2 cases that can happen when the second agent to who is the internal call ringing decline the call:

  1. If you have chosen a specific agent during the transfer, after declining, the Internal call will be hung up and the call with the customer will still be on hold. You can try to use the Transfer function again to transfer the call to another agent or choose a department instead.
  2. If you have chosen a department during the transfer, after declining, the Internal call will start ring in another agent's panel who is online and also assigned in that department.

Answer a transferred call by 2nd agent
When the second agent answers the internal call, you will be connected to him/her. In this step, you should describe to your colleague who and why are you transferring to him/her, the customer is still waiting on hold for you to complete the transfer by clicking on the 'Complete transfer' button.

Only you as the agent who originally picked up the call from the customer and initiated the transfer are able to complete the transfer. The agent to who are you transferring the call is not able to complete it.


Once you complete the transfer, the internal call will be hung up, you will be disconnected from the call with the customer and the second agent will be connected to the customer and be able to manage the call. You will still be able to see the second agent calling with the customer.

After the call ends, both you and the second agent will be able to view the ticket and listen to all the recordings if you have the Record calls option active.

In case of the calls requested via your Call Us button, the customer will not see all the steps that you have done in order to transfer him/her to another agent or department.