Video call - Creating video call buttons

Video call works just like regular Skype call, so if you need a more personal way of communication with your customers, video chat comes in handy. On the other hand, LiveAgent's video chat is completely browser based and there is no need for any 3rd party application - just like your LiveAgent account.

Video calls will only work if both agent and customer/visitor on the other end are using browsers that support WebRTC technology. List of supported browsers can be found here.

To activate the video chat feature, navigate to Configuration>Video chat and click Enable Video Chat button. LiveAgent will prompt you to reload the page in your browser. Once it's reloaded the feature is active and you may proceed to create a video call button.

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration>Video chat>Buttons and click on Create.

Step 2: Choose style of your video call button: Side, Corner, Inline, Custom (from image or by writing own HTML code). All pre-defined designs can be also customized further.

Step 3: On the overview screen that appears next you can:

  • name your video button
  • select department that will handle the video call initiated by this particular video button
  • choose the language that will be used for the button interface
  • activate the video button by checking the "Active" box
  • change the button design anytime in the future by clicking "change button type" button on the right side.

Step 4: By clicking the Button tab you can make changes to the design and appearance of the button(colors, animation, position, text. hover effect).


Step 5: To change the Video call window design and texts click on the Call window tab.


Step 6:  After having your video call button set up according to your needs hit the Save button at the bottom.

Step 7: Last step is to place this newly created video call button on your actual website. Navigate to the Integration tab and copy the generated code. Then place it into your website code before </body> tag of your page, or send it to your website admin to implement it for you.