Mass action is a function which allows you execute some action on multiple tickets based on your selection or filter. You can find the Mass action option in Ticket section of your LiveAgent panel. 


Let's try Mass action on the specific example. We would like to tag those tickets which have subject 'chat from' with the tag 'Chat'.

  1. In the Tickets section, we need to use custom filter to filter the tickets which we can use in the mass action.

  2. Now we can check them all. For this purpose, we can use an option to mark all visible tickets to do it at once.

  3. Now we can proceed with the click on the Mass action button.

  4. Choose an action which you want to execute using the mass action and hit the 'Run now' button.

  5. All tickets have been tagged with the new tag.

Mass action feature offers also option 'Run in background' which executes the action in background, so you can continue your work in application without interruption. This option can be used when you are running mass action on lager number of tickets.

Here you can find a list with all actions:

  • Add note - adding a specific note to the tickets
  • Add tag - adding a specific tag to the tickets
  • HTTP request - allow you to call some callback URL or API
  • Change requester's groups - change Customer group of tickets requester
  • Change SLA level - update the SLA level of specific tickets
  • Change ticket priority - update the priority of specific tickets
  • Change ticket subject - update the Subject of specific tickets
  • Delete ticket -  move tickets into the 'Trash' (Deleted tickets can be restored)
  • Mark as answered - change status of specific tickets to answered
  • Mark as not spam - change status of specific tickets to not spam
  • Mark as spam - change status of specific tickets to spam
  • Postpone ticket - postpone specific tickets
  • Purge ticket - absolute remove tickets from system (Purged tickets cannot be restored)
  • Remove tag - remove a specific tag from the tickets
  • Resolve ticket - resolve specific tickets
  • Resolve ticket (silent) - resolve tickets without sending a notification to the customer that the ticket was resolved
  • Send answer - send answer to specific tickets
  • Send mail to - send email to specific person
  • Transfer ticket - transfer tickets to some specific agent and/or department 
  • Undelete ticket - remove deleted tickets from 'Trash'