How to setup Time Rules in LiveAgent

In this video, I will setup an example Time rule which will delete all tickets which are marked as spam and older than 90 days.

Time Rules are special rules that are not "action triggered", but instead are time conditional. Time Rules run on the background in intervals (usually every minute) and check if the conditions are met. If the result is positive, the rule is executed.
Time Rules are most commonly used for clean up tasks, sending email reminders, resolving tickets that have not had activity in a while, adding tags etc.

Video Instructions

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Automation>Time Rules. Click on Create. Name your new Time rule with a unique name. Set apply when ticket older than and set it to 90 days.
  2. Add a condition group if ticket status is marked as spam perform action delete ticket. Optionally you can apply this rule also to existing tickets. Click on save and close.
  3. There’s nothing else you need to do now, the Time Rule will run in background and perform the task in intervals.

Time Rules Text Setup

If you prefer text with screenshots instructions over video, see Time Rules setup guide.