Time Rules

Time Rules are special rules that are not "action triggered", but instead are time conditional. Time Rules run on the background in intervals and check if the conditions are met. If the result is positive, the rule is executed.

Intervals for Time Rules

The intervals for checking if Time Rule conditions are met run in the background of LiveAgent and are performed by the Cron job file. The pre-set value for Time rule interval is 1 minute. We recommend to set this value for not less than 5 minutes.

Time Rules Video Setup

If you prefer video instructions over text, watch the video below:

Time Rules Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration>Automation>Time Rules
Step 2: Click on Create. Name your new Time Rule with a unique name. Setup the "Apply when" parameter by choosing one of the available options.

List of "Apply when" Time Rules conditions:
  • Ticket older than + time (days, hours, minutes) 
  • Ticket status change older than + time (days, hours, minutes)
  • Ticket due in less than + time (days, hours, minutes)
  • Ticket overdue more than + time (days, hours, minutes)

Example of Time Rule that will add tag "Urgent" when a ticket is overdue more than 12 hours.
Step 3 (Optional): Add conditions - if you want to specify your Time Rule execution more accurately, you can add additional conditions.
List of additional Time Rules conditions:
  • Ticket status
  • Ticket created
  • Ticket status changed
  • Ticket deleted
  • Ticket start referer URL
  • Ticket priority
  • Ticket department
  • Ticket assigned to
  • Customer group
  • Ticket tags
Step 4: Perform action - Set the action that you want to execute when conditions are met.
List of available actions:
  • Transfer ticket
  • Resolve ticket
  • Delete ticket
  • Change ticket priority
  • Change SLA level
  • Mark as spam
  • Mark as not spam
  • Purge ticket
  • Send answer
  • Change ticket subject
  • Call URL
  • Add tag
  • Remove tag
  • Send mail to 
  • Stop other rules
  • HTTP request
Example Time Rule 1 - This Time Rule will delete Tickets marked as SPAM which are older than 90 days.

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