Canned messages enable you to quickly answer common demands or usually repetitive questions from your customers with a standard reply very quickly. They allow you to speed up your response by using a predefined sequence of text. So, you can use a button (little "catalog" icon below the response text field in offline/email response) or a shortcut CTRL + Space for invoking a canned message, type the keyword you need and just select the desired message and hit enter to send it to the customer on the other side.

Canned messages quick setup:

  • Step 1: Navigate to "Configuration" > "Automation" > "Canned messages"
  • Step 2: Click on "Create message".
  • Step 3: Specify keywords, to be able to find your Canned message quickly next time
  • Step 4: Create a message (text which will be automatically added to your chat/ticket if the specific canned message is selected).
  • Step 5: Set its "availability" (define the visibility of your canned message, visible for me, all, specific department) 

Once you define your canned messages you can easily add them to your ticket answers with just two clicks. To trigger a Canned message simply hit CTRL + Space while typing or click the canned message icon and select the desired message from your catalog of saved Canned messages.

The "Available for" field lets you define the "availability" of any canned message for a specific agent, also for a specific department. It is useful for organizing your canned messages better if you are using a lot of them on a daily basis. So, you can, for example, set the same keyword for multiple messages but set different department availability for them. So, while answering a ticket/chat in department A the agent will see only the canned message which belongs to department A and not the messages from other departments.

Here is how it looks after you press CTRL + Space in email response or online chat: Just type some keyword, canned messages are offered from the catalog accordingly to the keyword you have submitted and then you can just confirm the submission of the canned message by click or enter key on your keyboard.

1. Email/offline response template (there is little catalog icon highlighted):

2. Chat/online template response (there is no button/icon, you can only use shortcut CTRL + Space there):

If you prefer video instructions over text + screenshots, feel free to check the video below: