How to send automatic reply to customer after a ticket is created

Some customers lack a feature in LiveAgent to send out confirmation emails when a customer creates a ticket. Fortunately, you can easily create an autoresponder using the rules engine.

There are 2 profiles (apply when) options that you can use depending on whether you want to use an autoresponder on all new tickets (so even tickets from contact forms) or only on email tickets:

  • Ticket created
  • Ticket created from email
NOTE: With the "Ticket created" option, the rule will be triggered every time a ticket is created, regardless of the source of the ticket or the action initiator. It is possible to limit the execution via additional conditions within the rule.

There are also 2 actions that you can use in your autoresponder rules:

  • Send mail to the requester
  • Send answer and keep ticket state
NOTE: Rule action "Send Answer" always sends email to ALL recipients (TO, CC, BCC)

It is recommended to use the "send answer" action since it shouldn't cause a loop if your customer uses an autoresponder as well, while that might happen with the "send mail" action since that doesn't really retain any info of the original message.

Below are 2 screenshots of how these rules can be set up, for example, notice the "keep ticket state" option in the "send answer" action, without it all the tickets would be marked as answered so it is very important. You can also pimp-up the rule with additional conditions on specific contact forms, additional actions, and so on.