How to display notification to all admins when sending of email failed

Many of our clients would like to get notification when there is a problem or error during the sending out email answer from LiveAgent. 

However you can create a rule, that would automatically display notification directly to all admins logged in LiveAgent with text specified in the rule.

All you need to do is to create a rule, that would send an notification to active admins logged in agent panel.

Let us provide you with the example screenshot of the rule which can do this for you. In the example we used trigger Outbox mail status changed and the condition with the status Error and perform action send notification to all logged in admins using notification type Warning notification (red) and also Browser notification.

Simply create a rule and specify the message you want to display for your admins you can use the
<a href="#Mail-Outbox;">Mail Outbox</a> if you want to use link directly to Mail outbox section to review problem.

Example notification message text:

Check <a href="#Mail-Outbox;">Mail Outbox</a>.. Email was not sent.

Now your admins will be informed in case of any problem during sending out the email answer in the ticket.