How to collect call stats with after call questionnaire

If you would like your agents to fill out a form/questionnaire after each call, here is a tip how you can set it up in LiveAgent

Create a questionnaire/form

  • You can easily use any type of forms, I would advice using Google forms

    Useful tip: You can get a pre-filled link, prefill some example answers and later in the generated link replace those answers with LiveAgent variables

Create a new Rule

  • Create a rule to Apply when > ticket status changed from Calling to Open, Answered or Resolved.

  • Set Perform action to  "Send notification" & "Add Note" with the link to your form/questionnaire

  • Note: As you can see on the screenshot above & also the video below, you can send also LA variables to your form to prefill some answers (e.g. fill automatically department or agent name as the answer to the first question)

We also advise to set up some Breathing time (feature available only from version 5.19) to provide Agent enough time to fill out the form/questionnaire before receiving a new call

See below example result of such a setup: