Tags are labels attached to tickets that are primarily used to organize and categorize tickets, but can also offer a preview of the ticket’s content from the Tickets grid directly. Using tags you can differentiate important queries or customers, or filter your tickets.

Creating a tag

To create a new tag, navigate in your LiveAgent panel to Configuration > Tags, and click on the "Create" button. Name your new tag, choose its text and background color, and optionally select whether the tag is public or not.

Alternatively,  it is also possible to create a new tag directly from the Add tag window inside any ticket. The option to create a new tag is displayed when the searched tag name is not found.

Private tags vs. Public tags

When you are creating a new tag, you have the option to either leave it as private - visible only to agents inside the LiveAgent panel, or set it as public - visible also to customers in the customer portal. Public tags are visible only in the My Tickets section where all tickets of a specific customer are listed, opening a specific ticket in the customer portal does not display its tags. The public tags can be recognized by the eye icon in front of their name.

Adding tags to tickets

To add a tag to any ticket manually, open the chosen ticket and click on the "+ Add tag" option, or use the shortcut Control + ⇧ Shift + D on Windows/Linux or ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + D on Mac.

To add tag(s) to your tickets automatically, you can create a rule in Configuration > Automation > Rules with the action "add tag".

Adding a tag to a ticket is also a rule trigger based on which rules can be executed.

Filtering tickets by tags

Tags can be used as conditions based on which ticket filters search and display tickets in the Tickets grid.

Archiving tags

The Tag Archiving feature allows you to simply archive tags you don’t actively use. Archived tags will still be able to be seen in specific places like ticket filters, rules, or inside tickets, and can be restored if you ever need them again.

Tag report

The Tag report displays the performance of your whole company, it logs various actions performed by customers, agents, or the system on tickets that contain specific tags. The Tag report can be found in Reports > Tag report. Statistics are counted only if a specific tag is present in the ticket before the action is taken, read more here.