Agents are people who in the first place provide support services, but, depending on their competencies and workload, can also supervise, configure, and manage the system. Agents' accounts can be created, configured, and deleted from the Configuration > Agents section.


Creating agent account

To create a new agent account, navigate to Configuration > Agents and click on the "Create agent" button. Fill up at least the mandatory fields and click on "Create". A registration email will be sent to the agent's email address, which will at the same time serve as the agent's login username.

The Registration mail template can be adjusted in Configuration > Email > Agent templates.
  • Photo (Optional) - Profile picture of the agent, displayed to other agents or to customers in chat widgets and customer portal forums. If not set up, a colored circle with the agent's name initial letter will be automatically generated.
  • Name (Mandatory) - Full name of the agent.
  • Alias (Optional) - A custom name/nickname that will be displayed instead of the agent's name to customers in chat widgets and customer portal forums. Find more about aliases in this article.
  • Email (Mandatory) - The email address of the agent, used as the agent's login username and email address for agent email notifications.
  • Role (Mandatory) - Role attributed to the agent's account. There are 3 default roles - Agent, Admin, and Owner. Customers on the LiveAgent All-inclusive plan can additionally create 3 custom roles.

Once a new agent's account is created, it can be configured further.


Configuring agent account

Agents with default roles Admin or Owner, or with a custom role with granted permission "Manage agents" can manage accounts of other agents. Note that agents with custom roles with the mentioned permission granted can configure only accounts with the default Agent role or with any custom role, but not accounts with roles Admin and Owner. Admins can edit accounts of other admins as well, but not accounts with the Owner role. Only Owners are able to create, edit, or delete other owners.

There are the following sections in every agent's profile details:

  • Notifications - In this section, it is possible to activate and set up notifications used to notify offline agents when a ticket is assigned to them, when a customer replied to a ticket assigned to them, or when a new ticket is created in a department they are members of. Find more about agent notifications in this article.
  • Departments - In this section, you can assign the agent to departments in which the agent should solve tickets and pick up live chats and phone calls. If the agent is not assigned to a department, he would not be able to see tickets from that department, and neither pick up live chats or calls. Additionally, in this section, it is possible to allow the agent to change his department availability status by himself, and force the agent to reply to tickets only via the To solve button instead of picking tickets directly from the Tickets section.

  • Tickets, Chats, and Calls - In these sections, it is possible to change agent's availability status for the given services, and allow the agent to solve tickets/pick up chats/receive & make calls in departments separately. The agent needs to be at first assigned to a department before it will be possible to set the agent as active for the mentioned services in the department.

  • Signature - Configure the signature. It can be appended at the end of all outgoing messages.


  • Settings - Configure additional advanced settings: Max chat load, Agent Panel Theme Chatting priority, and Level.