Levels - Determine the skill of other agents

To make it easier for new agents to determine the skill of other agents and also to have a fun title, we have added levels to agent names. Now you can easily spot the achieved dragon slayer of customer support!

Levels Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration>System>Gamification

Step 2: Click on Levels

Step 3: All Levels are in an active mode by default. You can delete Levels (click on Delete)  you don’t want or edit their names, descriptions and conditions by clicking on Edit.


Step 4: To setup your condition, fill up the condition field with your preferred achievements.


List of possible Level conditions (you can use):

  • mathematical operators (+,-,/,* )
  • logical operators (||,&&)
  • parenthesis
and following variables:
  • $worktime (Work Time)
  • $answers (Answers)
  • $answers_ph (Answers per hour)
  • $chats (Chats)
  • $chats_ph (Chats per hour)
  • $missed_chats (Missed chats)
  • $chat_answers (Messages)
  • $chat_answers_ph (Messages per hour)
  • $calls (Calls)
  • $calls_ph (Calls per hour)
  • $call_seconds (Call minutes)
  • $call_seconds_ph (Call minutes per hour)
  • $missed_calls (Missed calls)
  • $rewards (Rewards)
  • $rewards_p (Rewards %)
  • $punishments (Rebukes)
  • $punishments_p (Rebukes %)
  • $not_ranked (Not ranked)
  • $not_ranked_p (Not ranked %)

Example: If agents answer more than 500 tickets, they achieve the Professional Level (shown in their status) with a motivation message: “You are a Pro now. Your answers are precise and to the point. Customers shiwer with expectation waiting for your answers. Answer 500 tickets or make 500 chats to reach this level.