Agents and users

Agents are people who provide support services. Agents in an admin role can also supervise and configure the system.
The owner can manage account, billing and system settings, view and answer tickets.

Agents Video Setup

If you prefer video instructions over text, watch the video below:

Agents Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration>Agents

Step 2: Click on Create agent. Name your new Agent and define the agent's email address and gender.

Step 3: Select a role: Agent can view and answer tickets, Admin can view and answer tickets and manage system settings and Owner can manage the account, billing, and system settings, view and answer tickets. Only an existing owner can assign the "owner" role to another user in the account.

Note: Agent will receive a password via mail.

If you are the original owner of the account you are able to assign a new owner if you follow these steps: 

Click on the "edit" of the agent or admin in the list of agents 

Select "Owner can manage the account, billing and system settings, view and answer tickets" radio button and press "Save". 


As you can see in the list of agents - both of the agents now have "owner" role access. 

What to do when you would like to remove the original owner´s privileges and change their role to "admin" or agent"?

Navigate back to the list of agents and click on the"edit" of the original owner. 


Select "Admin can view and answer tickets and manage system settings".
The notification " You are trying to change the role of the account creator. Please select a new account creator first" should appear. 
You can choose yourself in the options. After you´ve done so, you can click on "save". 


Once you set the role of the agent you are able to continue with setup: 

Agent's email and Slack notifications

Add or remove agent to departments, you can define the type of service agent will provide if you navigate to Configuration > Departments or directly in Edit agent window 
if you click on Ticket, Chats, Calls. 

  • Users with "agent" privileges can see and answer tickets ONLY from the department they are added in! They are not able to view tickets from other departments. 
  • Users with "admin" privileges can see the department even if they are not added to it! They just won't have the option to directly enable chat/call/ticket solving on that department for themselves.
  • Users with "owner" privileges can see all of the departments even if they are not part of them. 

Configure the signature. It can be appended at the end of all outgoing messages.

Configure additional advanced settings: Max chat load, Agent Panel Theme Chatting priority, and Level.

 You are also able to view agent´s performance report in the Edit agent window. 

Last but not least is the part "Mobile Applications" where you can view and manage your mobile applications.

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