Update in Domain Name for SPF Records for Email Authorization since April 2024

If you have your email addresses connected as outgoing email accounts and you are using LiveAgent mail servers instead of the mail servers of your email accounts to send emails, there is an important required change, regardless of account version or data center.

Previously, instructions in the LiveAgent panel required adding the domain name of your LiveAgent account, e.g. mycompany.ladesk.com, to the SPF record of your domain to authorize our mail servers to send emails via your email addresses. Due to the migration to AWS and after the recent changes, since April 2024 it is required to include 4th level domain “mail.” before the domain name, so instead of e.g. mycompany.ladesk.com, you need to add mail.mycompany.ladesk.com to the SPF record of your domain.

Please note that using LiveAgent mail servers to send emails from your own email addresses is still not preferable and not recommended. Because of our mail servers are shared with all other customers, including trial and free accounts, there is a higher risk of your emails being marked as spam or even directly blocked by various mail providers, therefore it is always recommended to connect outgoing email accounts via the Google/Microsoft connectors, or via the SMTP at first.