New API v3 Ticket Permissions Added in version

If you are unsure about the version of your LiveAgent account, see this guide to retrieve the version number.

To implement the ability to delete tickets after the new Close status was introduced and the tickets statuses workflow was updated, there were two new API ticket management permissions added. Without these new permissions, you might receive error responses like "You do not have sufficient privileges. Not authorized to change ticket state" when creating new tickets or "Delete failed" when deleting tickets via API.

Required action

If you are using API v3 to create, update, or delete tickets, navigate to Configuration > System > API, and update the ticket-related API permissions of your API keys:

  • close - This new permission is required to be able to delete tickets.
  • change_state - This new permission is required to be able to create a ticket or change the ticket status, including closing and deleting it.