Changes to Button Elements in Contact Widgets and Customer Portal since version

If you are unsure about the version of your LiveAgent account, see this guide to retrieve the version number.

We are constantly striving to improve the accessibility and functionality of our digital interfaces. As part of these ongoing efforts, in version we are updating the button elements within LiveAgent contact widgets, in-page forms, and customer portals. We are shifting from buttons created using <div> elements to native <button> elements. This change will enhance accessibility, ensuring better navigation and interaction for all users, including those using assistive technologies.

Required action

If you have implemented custom CSS on your contact forms, pre-chat forms, or the customer portal, we recommend reviewing and updating the styling of these buttons to ensure seamless integration and visual consistency. Here is what you need to check and possibly change:

  • Review any CSS customizations that target button elements. Especially look for selectors ImLeButton.
  • Update these selectors to target <button> elements and adjust styles accordingly to maintain the desired appearance and functionality.