Built-in email account configuration

Every LiveAgent account has a pre-set built-in outgoing and incoming email account in the following form - support@mail.mycompany.ladesk.com. This email account cannot be removed and we recommended to use it only for testing purposes for new LiveAgent users. Please note that using the built-in email account to maintain your email communication is not recommended, as it is using our email servers, and because they are shared with other customers, there is a higher risk of your emails being marked as spam or even completely blocked by some mail providers.

Instead of using the built-in mail account we recommend to connect your own email addresses as outgoing and incoming email accounts.


In the incoming built-in email account settings you are able to choose into which department are the emails sent to your built-in email address are created and the outgoing email account that will be set up as the default sender for replying tickets created from this email account.

If you do not wish to create tickets from emails sent directly or forwarded to your built-in email address, it is possible to turn off these functions separately in the built-in email account settings.

Note that disabling the "Catch-All forwarded emails" function will discard all emails with recipients which are NOT configured in your account as a Forwarding account in your Incoming email accounts and which will arrive at the built-in account. If there exists a Forwarding email account with the recipient's email address it will still create a new ticket or add a message to an existing ticket.