Answer Assistant Feature Overview

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The Answer assistant feature utilizes the OpenAI's ChatGPT tool to enhance your responses and generate professional replies to customer inquiries.

To be able to use LiveAgent AI features, it is required to integrate your LiveAgent account with OpenAI.

Activating the feature

To activate the Answer assistant feature, navigate to Configuration > AI > Answer assistant, and click the "Enable" button. As the AI integration sends data to a third-party platform for processing, you will need to confirm that you understand this in a pop-up window. Simply check the checkbox and click "Enable" again to confirm.

Feature overview

The Answer assistant feature is accessible from the ticket reply editor by clicking on the Answer assistant button (magic wand icon).

The Answer assistant allows you to generate a refined message by setting its formality (Casual, Neutral, or Business) and applying one of the three predefined functions or defining your custom instructions.

To use the Answer assistant feature, you can either:

  • write your draft message in the ticket reply editor, select your message, and apply one of the four available functions on it,
  • use the Answer assistant function and write the message you want to enhance directly in the Answer assistant window,
  • or use the Answer assistant function and define only the instructions based on which the AI generates an answer.

Without any highlighted text, you can only use the custom instructions function (Answer assistant), as the predefined functions (Improve, Extend, Simplify) can be used only on a highlighted text.

After choosing a function, the Answer assistant window opens. If you've selected the option to define custom instructions (Answer assistant function), you can either specify just the instructions based on which ChatGPT should generate an answer, or optionally also write a draft message or concept that shall be refined based on the given instructions. Then hit the "Generate" button to generate an answer. If you've selected one of the predefined functions (Improve, Extend, or Simplify) the preset instructions are executed and an answer is generated.

Once an AI answer is generated, you can adjust the suggested message further with custom instructions or one of the four available functions (Try again, Improve, Extend, or Simplify). The "Try again" function re-generates the answer using the same given instructions (preset or custom) as previously. Once you are satisfied with the generated answer, click the "Use in ticket reply" button to add it to your draft response.

Formality of generated messages

The formality of the generated message sets the tone of the message. There are three available formality options:

  • Causal formality
  • Neutral formality (default option)
  • Business formality

The difference between the formality options is demonstrated in the following screenshot, where the same function (Improve) was applied to the same text highlighted in the previous screenshots. Selecting a formality option won't generate an enhanced message yet, it is always needed to use one of the AI functions as well.

Available assistant functions

There are three predefined functions that can be applied on a highlighted text or on an already generated message:

  • Improve
  • Extend
  • Simplify

In addition to the predefined functions, you also have the option to define custom instructions for the AI to refine your draft message, or to instruct AI to generate a new message. The behavior of these functions is illustrated in the following screenshots, which show the text on which the given function was applied (if applicable) and the corresponding generated results.

Improve Assistant function

Extend Assistant function

Simplify Assistant function

Answer assistant (custom instructions) function refining a message

Answer assistant (custom instructions) function generating a message