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Once you have your provider set up to work with LiveAgent and have its phone numbers connected with LiveAgent you and your agents are ready to start using the call feature.

Each agent has the option to enable and disable himself from receiving phone calls and to choose which device he would like to use to answer the calls. To access this configuration the agent would click the phone icon in the upper right corner and he would get to a similar screen:

As you can see the screen consists of several sections so lets get over all of them:

  • Master checkbox - the checkbox towards the top of the screen governs whether the agent is available to receive calls or not. This is a master switch, so even if the agent has calls available on some departments and this checkbox isn't checked the agent won't be able to receive calls.
  • Department sliders - the green sliders allow the agent to make himself available/unavailable to receive calls in specific departments only, so the agent can be available in some departments but unavailable on the rest.
  • Answer SIP call via - this listbox contain all the methods the agent can use to answer calls, the methods are:
    • Browser - answer the calls via your desktop PC browser and your headset directly in LiveAgent panel. Make sure you have your microphone permissions set correctly!
    • Mobile app - answer the calls on your smartphone, you'll need our LivePhone app which will be available for both iOS and Android (currently in private beta which you can join uppon request sent to support@liveagent.com).
    • List of devices - multiple devices with different IDs and names from the list under Configuration->Call->Devices, these would be your hardware phones or softphone apps on your PC.
  • Add device - the add device option allows you to add another device for answering the calls besides the Agent panel itself. You'll receive calls on this device even when you are not logged in LiveAgent if you do not disable the calls for this device. We are working on an option to add a scheduling calendar for when the added device should be set to available/unavailable for calls.
  • Extension - extension is your internal extension used for making internal calls between agents, you must be added and available on calls in a department which is visible to all agents if all agents should be able to make internal calls with you or transfer calls directly to you.

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