LiveAgent offers an option for Agents and Admins to go into a Pause. It’s typically used to turn off receiving tickets, chats, and calls while being out of the office or away from the computer for a short time (for example lunch or a coffee break).

Besides pausing yourself, administrators are also able to pause or logout their colleagues who might have forgotten to pause themselves.

How to pause yourself

Step 1: Click on the small section with your profile in the top right corner of the agent panel. 

Step 2: Click on the Pause - Your account is now inactive and you will not be receiving any tickets, chats, or calls until you click the Resume button and Unpause yourself.


How to pause your colleagues

You can pause your colleagues by clicking their channel status on the Dashboard screen and selecting the action which should happen. You can either pause them temporarily or log them out of the account. 

LiveAgent also supports an auto-pause feature which will put agents into a pause automatically if they have forgotten to go on a pause themselves or have left their computers. After a chat or a call is missed by the agent, they will be paused automatically to prevent more missed chats or calls.