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Sometimes agents forget to click 'pause' (or close agent panel) when leaving the computer and this can lead to frequent "no answer" events, such as missed chat(s) or call(s).
Live Agent brings a great solution against these accidents by its 'Auto pause' feature. 

How does it work?

When this feature is turned on and agent stops showing any activity in Live Agent, e.g. stops typing, stops clicking on different items in Live Agent or switches to some other application window (so there is no activity in Live Agent at all), the system will pause the agent after he doesn't answer a ringing chat/call for the duration of the "Routing time" defined in Configuration->Chat->Chat settings (Call->Call settings). The chat/call then starts to ring to another agent if there is one available or the customer will be presented with an option to leave an offline message.

When auto-pause is applied, the agent will see the same screen as if he/she paused himself/herself while there will be a timer showing how long he/she has been paused and ticket ID of the chat or call which caused the pause. 

NOTE: this feature applies globally to everyone who has chat or call assignment turned on, more exactly, who is available for chat or phone in any department
In case this feature should not apply to some user (owner, admin or agent), then such user should have the auto assignment, chats and calls disabled for all the departments he/she is part of.
How to activate the Auto pause feature?

Being logged in as owner or admin in Live Agent navigate to Menu > Configuration > System and there you will find a small check-box called Auto pause 

Check it in and click Save at the bottom of the particular screen.
In case you want to manually pause/logout an agent please follow this article.

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