The Devices section found under Configuration->Call->Devices is used for connecting hardware or software phones and external phone numbers with LiveAgent. Only admins and owners of this account have access to this section.

1. Adding a SIP phone: 

To add a device click Create and you'll be asked to specify a number, this number is used for internal calls between different devices, so you can go for example with 001, 002, ...,

after you've picked a number click Create and you will be presented with the details you need to configure on your hardware or software phone. Consult guides for your specific phones on how to use these details.

Once you have devices added your agents will need to choose the device they will use to answer calls. The devices which were already claimed by some agents are visible in the devices section marked with the agent's name:


2. Adding an external phone number:

Firstly, let's clarify the external phone number functionality: 

  • An incoming phone call is forwarded to your regular phone number in the same way, as if it is forwarded to the browser or SIP device.
  • No matter if you are online or offline, the same routing and status settings are used as for SIP devices (e.g. device can be active also in time you are not logged into agent panel)

To add an external phone, click Create and you'll be asked to specify a number. This number should be the exact number, where the call should be rerouted to. Adding a number works only if the number is in the international format (for example +1-541-....-....). 

Once the "Add External phone window" opens, after picking "External number" as one of the options in the devices section, you should be able to fill in the number, name it and select one of your connected phone numbers which is going to be used to forward the call to your external phone number, charges from your VoIP provider may apply here. The last step is to select the agent that is going to use the external number.   

By clicking on "Save" and you can preview and check the given details. 

Once you have an external number added, your agents will need to choose the external number they will use to answer calls. The devices (both SIP phones or external phones) which were already claimed by some agents, are visible in the devices section marked with the agent's name. 

As you can see in the picture below, this is how the device section can look like after you connect some SIP device and an External phone number: